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Funny Caricatures

Live Caricature drawing for your Events in Melbourne

Live caricature drawing by Melbourne Caricature Artist

My Services

With more than 10 years professional experience I draw live portraits for event in Melbourne. I also draw gift caricatures in Australia

Live caricature drawing by Melbourne Caricature Artist

Live Caricature Melbourne

 I can capture funny live caricatures in just 3 minutes with great resemblance. Price is $300 per hour. Drawing live caricature is very fun and entertaining. It’s a great idea for birthdays, weddings and corporate parties. I am available for your parties in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra Victoria, Geelong, Ballarat and whole Australia. You can see more Caricatures in my Gallery. Live caricature drawing event is a great idea to add fun moments with laughter to your parties!


Car Caricature Melbourne Live Event Mercedes Benz Australia Trade Show Cartoonist Caricatures for Daimler Fleet Management Caricature Artist 3

Live Caricatures for Events

I draw live caricatures for corporate events, gala opening, trade shows and Christmas parties in Melbourne. It takes 3 minutes to draw a live caricature. It’s fun to see fast performance caricatures of your friends. Live caricature drawing is a great way to add joy and happy moments to your event.


Caricature Gift in Melbourne by Caricature Artist Cartoonist

Gift Caricatures Melbourne

I am a professional cartoonist and caricaturist in Melbourne. I can illustrate and create funny caricatures out of different photos. Price of gift caricature drawing is $300 and it will take 4 days to completed the caricature. I can draw live portraits as well. Click here for realistic portraits.


  Are you looking for  live caricature Drawing Artist in melbourne?

I am a live caricature drawing artist in Melbourne. I draw funny caricature for birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties and corporate events. I also draw gift caricatures and portraits.

How it Works


You contact me and express your interest in having live caricature drawing in Melbourne.

Confirm Your Booking

You confirm booking live caricature drawing with paying half of the amount of the service.

Live drawing caricatures!

I come to your venue and I draw live caricatures in your event.

Why Us?

I am a specialised portrait and caricature drawing artist. With 20 ears experience in drawing live caricatures and portraits in Australia and around the world, I am hear to draw fast, funny caricatures in your event. Book me and have a memorable event with happy moments. 


Fast live caricatures


3 mins per caricature


Funny with great resemblance

Caricature Melbourne_by Live Caricature Artist Cartoonist
Caricature Drawing Melbourne Cartoonist
Caricature Melbourne_by Caricature Artist Cartoonist 2
Live Caricature Artist Cartoonist in Melbourne 4
Live Caricature of Couple in Melbourne by Caricature Artist Cartoonist
Live caricature drawing by Melbourne Caricature Artist

Birthday Specials

10% Off all prices

I can draw live and funny caricatures in your birthdays. Live caricature will add joy and happy moments to your birthday.

Caricature Drawing Reviews

Super friendly! Great artist, lots of fun, lovely human!! We are happy with our funny couple caricature portrait.” Antony Talia

Mum and I had a great laugh at her funny caricature. Thank you for a memorable experience 🙂” Kiri P

Great experience! Funny caricatures! And believe me, those are really funny! :)))
but you can choose a serious one as well 😉” Goran Selthofer

Looking For A Professional Caricaturist?

With 20 years experience, I will draw fast and funny caricatures in your events.

Live Caricature Drawing Melbourne by Caricature Artist

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